Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthdays, Hair Dye, and Allergies

Pookie's birthday was on Friday. I had been traveling all week so I missed getting to tell him "happy birthday" in the morning or do anything special for him all day. So on my way home I stopped off and bought cake mix, frosting, and candles and picked up his b-day present that was still at the old apartment. We went to Ted's for his birthday dinner and then we came home, I frosted the cake, and watched Lethal Weapon 3. It was a good night!

Saturday Pookie worked all day helping some friends install an art sculpture. So I made myself busy working on both of the apartments (moving and organizing). I also dyed my hair RED (yes, it's a throwback to my college days). Pookie had never seen my hair dyed so I thought I would go ahead and show him what it looks like. That night he came home, exhausted and sneezing.

Sunday Pookie was sick all day. We spent the day napping, eating, and reenergizing.

Now we only have two days left to get all of our stuff out of the old apartment. I'm definitely feeling the stress! Pray that we can get it all taken care of!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Place

We spent a lot of time this weekend moving in. Pookie and I had to figure out exactly how to combine our furniture--it got a little crazy. We finally decided on a GREAT compromise and it feels so much like "our home"!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stuck in a Hotel Room

I'm out on the road (again--blargh). Pookie is keeping himself busy by moving our stuff from the old apartment to the new. He's so great--I am so happy that it will be done and just the little stuff will be left!

Of course, now we have to figure out how to arrange everything!!

(be sure to notice the beautiful wall color!!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Sale

I am in the entrepreneurial mood this week! I've been listing some of the things that we can't keep anymore on Craigslist. I have already sold my old TV and have a couple of people interested in the futon. Now I just need to list my Pookie's desk, the chairs passed down to me from my mother, and the mattress bought for me from my grandparents. I'm hoping to save the money we make from these sales (and possibly a garage sale here in a couple of weeks) to apply towards a dining room table. We've been "using" mine (which isn't a table and is actually an old library desk of my grandfather's.

I'm having fun planning out our new home together. I've got plans in the works for how to combine our assortment of furniture--Pookie had the great idea of using complementary shades of wood (besides my favorite black) to help bring out the color in his couch. Hopefully that will help everything blend!

Our goal is to paint the beige this weekend. We'll have to go pick out which beige and then actually do it--so we'll see. It's supposed to be a pretty blah, rainy weekend. I'm looking forward to having a project!

Which to choose? Most Popular Color Choices for the Living Room

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Taupe, Caramel, Beige, Camel, Coffee...

I want to paint our new apartment. I am so sick of crisp, white, apartment-living walls. I want our new home together to feel more like a home and less like a temporary place to throw our stuff until we REALLY get our lives together.

So I was super excited when our new apartment manager told us we could paint. A couple of weeks later (after the lease was signed) she clarified with a "no color" policy. Erg! I was looking forward to golden, yellow walls with punches of burnt orange that would complement our red couch and dark brown furniture. At least I'll get to paint with a "nice light beige or something similar". We just have to go paint shopping now.

I spent last night cleaning the new apartment. I vacuumed each room (and the closets), scrubbed the bathroom shower and sink, dusted the headboards and doors, and scrubbed the light switches and electrical outlets. All I have left is to sweep and mop the kitchen and bathroom and scrub cabinet shelves. I should be good to go!

Pookie found me a birthday present!! I can't wait: Dezign With a Z Wall Decals!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Newly Married

Pookie and I were married on August 16, 2008. It was a gorgeous wedding--I loved every minute of it. My mother did so many wonderful things to make our day as special as possible.

Now we're trying to mesh our two lives together. We have complementary but often times different tastes in decorating. I've always assumed that I would marry a man that didn't have an opinion--my Pookie has an opinion on everything. His opinions are one of the reasons I fell in love with him. Now I just have to figure out how to live with them.

Changes are definitely up ahead as we face moving into a new apartment and finally combining my red, upholstered couch with his brown, leather love seat. I also have a collection of my large art canvases that may not all fit into our new lives--not enough room for resting birds and curly trees that stretch across the wall. What to do with them? Can you sell art you created just to cover a blank wall?? I've never considered myself an artist. The artist touch definitely runs in my family, my sister and a handful of cousins are just amazing at what they do. Could I be included in their ranks?