Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three months

Sunday was the three-month mark of our married life together. We celebrated by: going to Sunday school, church, eating lunch with good friends, Pookie worked on the tennis courts, I went grocery shopping, eating dinner with good friends, and wearing our right shoulders out on the Wii. Good times!

It's amazing how a simple day of going around, doing what we do can still be special and make you feel good--I felt good all day. I liked knowing we had hit three-months. But we didn't do anything particular to celebrate.

This morning, though, I received a sweet gift from my husband. Something that for me, celebrated our relationship and the time we've had together.

12 Things I Love About My Wife

1. She's beautiful
2. She has an amazing laugh
3. (personal)
4. (personal)
5. She is a great cook
6. She cares about everyone and makes them feel special
7. She is a great interior decorator
8. She is great at what she does - passionate, even
9. She loves her family
10. She is very culturally informed and SMART
11. She dances like no one is around, which I wish I could do :-)
12. She enjoys beauty in art and nature

Monday, November 10, 2008

Planning for Christmas Cards

I know it's not even thanksgiving yet, but Pookie and I have already had "the" Christmas card talk. We still have to decide what exactly we want to send out and to whom, but we've at least established that we want to stay in contact with friends and family and we think Christmas cards are a good way to do so.

Check out these great return address stickers I found at bohtieque's shop on etsy.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Halloween in Hot Springs

We had a great weekend home in Hot Springs. I was an Indian and Clint was my too tan boyfriend, Randall. Zana was the CUTEST pirate--I wish I had a better picture of her costume... she's so creative! Miss J was a dead girl, Boo was Batman, and B was the cutest little witch you ever saw--she wandered around with her hat all night!

Here are some photos of our time:

I'll add more once I get home tonight!