Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Three months

Sunday was the three-month mark of our married life together. We celebrated by: going to Sunday school, church, eating lunch with good friends, Pookie worked on the tennis courts, I went grocery shopping, eating dinner with good friends, and wearing our right shoulders out on the Wii. Good times!

It's amazing how a simple day of going around, doing what we do can still be special and make you feel good--I felt good all day. I liked knowing we had hit three-months. But we didn't do anything particular to celebrate.

This morning, though, I received a sweet gift from my husband. Something that for me, celebrated our relationship and the time we've had together.

12 Things I Love About My Wife

1. She's beautiful
2. She has an amazing laugh
3. (personal)
4. (personal)
5. She is a great cook
6. She cares about everyone and makes them feel special
7. She is a great interior decorator
8. She is great at what she does - passionate, even
9. She loves her family
10. She is very culturally informed and SMART
11. She dances like no one is around, which I wish I could do :-)
12. She enjoys beauty in art and nature

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