Tuesday, April 24, 2007

liz's how-to guide and all that other fun stuff

I'm thinking of tracking my ballroom dance progress. It could be fun.

Up until the beginning of this month, the last time I had REALLY danced was back in 2004--Ballroom Dance I & II at the University of Arkansas. It was really a lot of fun. Let's see: i remember brandon and roger. Brandon was really enthusiastic and wanted to learn. He missed Day One of the Cha-Cha so he got online and learned the steps before coming to class (I can just see him standing in the middle of his dorm room watching his computer monitor and trying to dance the latin rhythm! too funny). Roger was a fast learner and a great waltzer. He had the waltz moves down, and I loved dancing it with him. Roger also liked making me turn... he spun me so many times in the Cha-Cha once that I thought I was going to die!
The other guys in the class tried. Some were better than others, but overall it was a pretty good class.

So now I'm dancing again--the opportunity presented itself and I grabbed it up like there was no tomorrow (and there would have been no tomorrow had I not spoken up).

We've danced every week. My partner is a fast learner and has great rhythm. We can dance the basics of the foxtrot, waltz, east coast swing, cha-cha, rhumba, and tango. We've completed the introductory dance package and have moved on to the pre-bronze level. Yes, we are THAT good :) This Saturday is our first 1-hour lesson. We have to practice before we go so we won't be lost.

I'm trying to not have an elitest attitude towards the whole thing. It's easy for me to say I know the steps already and to not listen to what she's saying, but our teacher is really trying to help us have good technique--she wants us to look good dancing. I hope we look good dancing.

Picture of me dancing:

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