Friday, April 27, 2007

Practice Makes Perfect

We practiced Wednesday night. He told me at least twice that I was trying to lead. I have got to work on that. It's hard, though, when I have such a clear idea in my mind how I want to dance and where I want to go. Following is very hard.

I love that dancing is a great example of a good marriage: where the man is leading and the woman is trusting and following. Both are essential roles. When my cousin Sarah got married, my dad used the marriage and dancing comparison: it was a beautiful image of Sarah and Kevin dancing together for the rest of their lives.

Kate's getting married this summer: she wants her fiance to learn to dance so they can dance together at their reception. He's refused thus far in the conversation which is very frustrating (for both Kate and me since I would love to watch them dance on their wedding day!). Surely he'll come around to the idea by July 28th!

We have our first 1-hour private lesson tomorrow: I wonder what we'll learn!

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