Monday, September 29, 2008

Birthdays, Hair Dye, and Allergies

Pookie's birthday was on Friday. I had been traveling all week so I missed getting to tell him "happy birthday" in the morning or do anything special for him all day. So on my way home I stopped off and bought cake mix, frosting, and candles and picked up his b-day present that was still at the old apartment. We went to Ted's for his birthday dinner and then we came home, I frosted the cake, and watched Lethal Weapon 3. It was a good night!

Saturday Pookie worked all day helping some friends install an art sculpture. So I made myself busy working on both of the apartments (moving and organizing). I also dyed my hair RED (yes, it's a throwback to my college days). Pookie had never seen my hair dyed so I thought I would go ahead and show him what it looks like. That night he came home, exhausted and sneezing.

Sunday Pookie was sick all day. We spent the day napping, eating, and reenergizing.

Now we only have two days left to get all of our stuff out of the old apartment. I'm definitely feeling the stress! Pray that we can get it all taken care of!!


zana said...

Lizzy, I will pray for you! I'm glad we got a chance to chat this afternoon! I will try to call you this evening if you aren't too busy moving!

danielle said...

sounds like things are going well!! we need to get together soon!!