Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Sale

I am in the entrepreneurial mood this week! I've been listing some of the things that we can't keep anymore on Craigslist. I have already sold my old TV and have a couple of people interested in the futon. Now I just need to list my Pookie's desk, the chairs passed down to me from my mother, and the mattress bought for me from my grandparents. I'm hoping to save the money we make from these sales (and possibly a garage sale here in a couple of weeks) to apply towards a dining room table. We've been "using" mine (which isn't a table and is actually an old library desk of my grandfather's.

I'm having fun planning out our new home together. I've got plans in the works for how to combine our assortment of furniture--Pookie had the great idea of using complementary shades of wood (besides my favorite black) to help bring out the color in his couch. Hopefully that will help everything blend!

Our goal is to paint the beige this weekend. We'll have to go pick out which beige and then actually do it--so we'll see. It's supposed to be a pretty blah, rainy weekend. I'm looking forward to having a project!

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