Thursday, October 09, 2008

Home Alone

Clint has class tonight. There are almost too many things I "should" do with my time. Not enough that I want to do, though. I met a friend for dinner tonight. Good conversation. It's amazing to me--every girl has the same thoughts/concerns/insecurities/dreams/hopes/etc. It must be something that is ingrained in us... It's also very weird because I am now one of the "others". I'm a married woman, but I can remember what it was like to be a young, professional, single woman in Oklahoma City. It wasn't laughs-a-minute, that's for sure.

Being single can be really hard. Especially as time seems to be ticking away and one by one your lose another friend to the dark side. I am very happy I have Pookie and our life together. I had been waiting for him for what felt like a lifetime. Looking back on it now, I am happy for what I was able to experience in my single years but feel blessed that I now have a relationship.

To all my single friends out there: I know. I can remember. And it's worth the wait.


zana said...

yeah, um, I remember the phone conversations where I was trying to convince you that you were not going to turn into a nun...
Glad that Clint came around!

danielle said...

it sure is worth it! we need to go to dinner soon friend!