Tuesday, October 28, 2008

With the Holidays

I love the holiday season. It is definitely here in full blast. I was at Wal-Mart last night and saw aisles for all of the standard Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas fare--it's just a matter of time before New Year's and Valentine's make their appearance!

I think the holidays are such an important time for me since they mean gathering with family and enjoying each other. This year is definitely going to be an adjustment for me. Not only do I have Pookie, but I have Pookie's family in OKC, which is not my family in Hot Springs. We've tossed around ideas of where to spend T-giving and what about X-Mas. We've wondered what other family members might be doing. My family has almost decided--we are serious holiday planners!

The Dodson family Thansgiving will take place in Hot Springs at Zana's house. She's already called to let me know my RSVP is needed for her to plan her table place settings and dinner quantities. The Hays family will be gathering in Fort Smith for Christmas this year--although we've all gotten so big and spread out that I'm sure there will be more than a few cousins and aunts/uncles who cannot attend for one reason or another. There will also be a Dodson family Christmas in Hot Springs--details for that one are still a little fuzzy.

What will Mr. and Mrs. Pookie be doing for the holidays? There are so many new factors to consider. Before it was easy because it was all about me and maximizing my time with my family while I had loads of time off from school (and gas money provided by my parents, if need be). This year with the wedding/honeymoon my vacation time is tight and money for traveling even tighter. And then there's Pookie's family. Are they doing a big T-giving and X-mas? His parents will actually be here for the holiday this year--last year we did Christmas after they arrived and we got back from our trip to Hot Springs. Will extended family be coming into OKC? It's easier for us to get together with his side since OKC is a center-of-operations for the family. My family's command center is in either Fort Smith or Hot Springs, Arkansas, depending how you look at it. Both are far enough away that they require planning and communication.

What's the perfect equation?

f(Happy Pookies)=TRUE/FALSE:
Hot Springs ((Halloween + Christmas)^Christmas Eve in Fort Smith) x OKC (Thanksgiving + Christmas^2 days later)= x

Does x=Happy Pookies? How will we ever decide?

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